Stony Ridge Acres

2011 kids have arrived

Penelope kidded with twin doelings on January 8th.  Paisley kidded January 14th with triplet bucklings.  Tenley kidded on January 15th with twins,  a buckling and a doeling.  Pixie kidded with a single buckling on April 17th.  You can view more pictures of the kids on the photo gallery page in the album titled 2011 kids.   I reserve the right to retain any kids born at Stony Ridge Acres. 


I have sold all of my kids from 2011.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list for 2012 kids, please email me.  Let me know if you are interested in a buckling, wether or a doeling.  Once the kids are born I will go down the list of people on my waiting list.  Once a kid has been picked out then I require a $50 deposit to hold that kid.  The waiting list is beginning to fill so if you think you may be interested in a kid next year, email me with what you are looking for. 

Petey- Pixie X Napoleon - 4th generation buckling                                                                                                                             SOLD

Tenley X Napoleon- 4th generation twin buckling/doeling



Jack-                                                                 4th generation buckling                                    SOLD

Olivia-4th generation doeling- SOLD

Paisley X Napoleon kids- 3rd generation bucklings


 Fletcher - SOLD

Willy- 3rd generation buckling- SOLD

Penelope X Napoleon kids- 4th generation twin doelings- For sale as pets only

Pandora- 4th generation doeling-  SOLD

Persephone-4th generation doeling- SOLD