Stony Ridge Acres

Kids for sale


Stony Ridge's Willow X Flying J Bramble- This is a courtesy listing for a neighbor. Excellent quality and pedigrees. These are some beautiful kids.

5th generation doeling



4th generation doeling

$400- Has a folded ear, but still has excellent pedigree.



Stony Ridge's Daisy X Flying J Bramble

4th generation buckling 




4th generation doeling



ALPACAS for Sale-  $500 must go together. Splash has a male cria at her side.


BGF Pride's Berry Splash

BGF Lady Gaga

SHEEP free to a good home

Simon and Sinbad-

These are two wethered male Barbados Blackbelly sheep.  They are a bit skittish as sheep tend to be.  They would be good for someone who would just like to give them a good home.  They are good at weed control.  They are very low maintenance and don't need a whole lot more than food, water, and adequate shelter.  They are hair sheep and shed their coat naturally every spring, so they don't ever need to be sheared.  They must go together, as they are very attached to each other.  They are used to goats and horses.  Please contact me if you think you could give them a good home.